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What does your best life look and feel like?

Are your relationships filling you up or draining you?

Does your body provide you with energy and vitality?

Are you passionate about your work?

Is your life balanced?

What Is Energy Healing?
How can it help me?

You ARE unlimited power and potential!

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What is Energy Healing?
Energy assumes its true state when being observed.  I see, hear, and feel a persons natural energy field. By observing and creating a safe space, the bodies energy is allowed to come into it’s natural alignment.
How quickly will I see results?
Some specific pains can be healed in one session. Other deeper issues can require mulitple sessions, but there is an improvement immediatly.
Do I have to visit you?
No. I am able to work over the phone and still achieve results. I also perform restorative bodywork and healing massage.
Do you guarantee results?
I personally guarentee that you will feel relief after just one session.  More sessions may be required to achieve your desired outcome.

About Me

Energy assumes its true state when being observed.

I see, hear, and feel peoples energy. Using my Profound Power Techniques I quickly and often permanently eliminate pain, illness, allergies, migraines and more even when nothing else has worked in the past.

These techniques have been honed over the years through a study of ancient healing arts and modern science. I work with people across the globe. Energy is equally impacted whether a person is right next to me or on the other side of the world. We are Magnificent Beings and it is my passion to bring happiness and health to all those that work with me.

In 1999 I was sent home to die from a severe illness. Energy Healing saved my life and it can save yours too. I have honed these techniques over the last 17 years to bring massive healing and breakthroughs for my clients and for you. Eliminate all which is holding you back from living your joyful and healthy life, today!

“Joe has helped me to regain my freedom. Due to a back injury, I was in great pain when I moved my arms and I now have full range of motion. Pain free! “

“Joe helped me process through my divorce. I was able to move through childhood issues and now I am in a loving relationship with the man of my dreams.”

Joe eliminated all of the pains I had in my body. He truly is an enlightened master.”

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